B8/B8.5 S4 S5 SQ5 3.0T INTAKE

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The ARM 3.0T Intake will open up the power and sound of your supercharged Audi by increasing the size of the supercharger intake pipe to a 3.5" diameter, significantly larger than OEM.  

The ARM 3.0T Intake is designed to replace your Audi's restrictive OEM intake with a much larger 3.5" system, providing a more direct and higher-flowing path for air to enter the supercharger. The result is improved throttle response and increased power and torque.

The ARM 3.0T Intake comes with an aluminum heat shield designed to help separate the hot air surrounding the engine, from the cooler air being drawn in by the OEM air duct.  This heat shield seals with the hood to provide a chamber for the cooler intake air, allowing your 3.0T to have lower IAT's.

Included with the ARM 3.0T Intake is an upgraded SAI filter.  This filter comes with a machined adapter to allow it to easily snap into the OEM SAI hose, giving your 3.0T filtered air to the secondary intake.

The ARM 3.0T Intake is designed to be compatible with an upgraded throttle body, as well as the OEM throttle body.  With the upgraded throttle body being such a good component to upgrade we made sure that if you went this route you would still be able to utilize your ARM 3.0T Intake.  Which is why to make your ARM 3.0T Intake compatible with an upgraded throttle body, all you need is the larger silicone couple which joins the ARM 3.0T Intake and the throttle body.

The ARM Dry Air Filter included in the kit is made of a high-quality multimedia material designed to allow maximum airflow to your engine while providing effective filtration.  These filters are engineered with multiple layers of filtration media, including a high-flowing synthetic fiber layer that captures even the smallest particles, while allowing for maximum airflow to the engine. The ARM Dry Filters help to ensure that your engine has the most airflow available while being protected from harmful contaminants.

The ARM 3.0T Intake can be easily installed within 20 minutes. Upgrade your Audi with the ARM 3.0T Intake and experience the power and sound your 3.0T was meant to deliver!

Make Model Submodel Engine
Audi B8 S4 Quattro 3.0T
Audi B8 S5 Quattro 3.0T Cabriolet
Audi B8 S5 Quattro 3.0T Coupe
Audi B8 SQ5 GTI 3.0T
Audi B8 SQ5 Quattro 3.0T
Audi Q5 GTI 3.0T
Audi Q5 Quattro 3.0T

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