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The ARM Bench Unlock service allows for the unlocking of your BMW's DME control unit, which will allow you to flash tune your BMW using any of the available tuning platforms.  


BMW began locking their DME's from the factory in 2020, but even pre-2020 vehicles can have their DME's locked via a software update performed by BMW.  If your DME build date (not your vehicle's build date) is before June 2020 (6/2020) this service will work for your DME. 

If you see the warning below when you attempt to flash your Bootmod3 tune, your BMW's DME will need to be unlocked.

BMW Bench Unlock

With this service, you can gain access to advanced features such as tuning, coding, and programming, allowing you to fully customize and optimize the performance of your BMW though any of the tune flashing methods. Whether you're looking to improve acceleration, fuel efficiency, or overall power, the ARM BMW DME Bench Unlock service can help you achieve your goals.


The process is simple and straightforward, simply remove your DME control unit from your BMW and send it to our team. You will be responsible for shipping your DME to us.  Our team will then use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced software to unlock your BMW's DME.  Your DME will be unlocked and on it's way back to you within 1 business day using the shipping method you select above.  Please select the shipping speed you would like your DME to be returned to you at.  Standard ground shipping is included in the price, 2-Day and Next Day Air are available upgrades which can be selected above. 

If your BMW has 2 DME's, any twin-turbo V8 model, you will need to send in both DME's for a successful unlock. 

We handle every DME with care, if there is any issue with your DME upon hooking it up to our software we will notify you immediately.  

The ARM Bench Unlocking service will unlock your DME, but it does not include a tune!  

 Also it is important to note that even after your DME has been unlocked, it can be relocked by BMW if a software update is performed.  Software updates that are performed by BMW remotely can wipe your flashed tune and relock your DME as well, and you will need to repurchase this Bench Unlock service to have it unlocked again.

We take pride in providing a reliable and efficient service, and our team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide support throughout the process. Unlock the full potential of your BMW today with the ARM BMW DME Bench Unlock service!

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