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MK7 GTI Full Bolt on kit

Create a custom FBO Kit for your MK7 GTI/GOLF R!  Customize your full bolt on kit exactly how you want it fit your specific build. The FMIC is a required option for the FBO kit.

MK7 GTI/Golf R Downpipe

The ARM MK7 GTI/Golf R Downpipe is an essential upgrade if you're looking to get the most from your Gen 3 EA888 equipped GTI/Golf R.  The stock downpipe is built with a dense catalyst that hinders exhaust flow on your EA888 engine, causing higher back-pressure, increasing turbo lag and causing your turbo to work harder. 

Replacing your OEM downpipe with the ARM MK7 GTI/Golf R Downpipe will significantly improve exhaust flow, reducing the back-pressure generated by your turbocharger.  The result of the increased exhaust flow is faster turbo spool, increased power and torque, and a nice improvement in exhaust note.    

In addition, the improved exhaust flow will allow you to run increased boost targets found with Stage 2+ tuning software.  Attempting to run Stage 2+ tuning files over 25psi with the stock downpipe can put excessive stress on your turbocharger and is not recommended.  Most tuners require an upgraded downpipe to run their more aggressive tunes.  


The ARM MK7 GTI FMIC gives your GTI up to 24whp and 26wtq by reducing intake air temperatures by 74%, making it one of the best upgrades you can do for your MK7 GTI.  The ARM MK7 FMIC is so efficient that it outperforms stock-location intercoolers that are almost twice it's size! "How?" you may ask.

The ARM MK7 GTI FMIC positions the intercooler in front of your radiator stack, the most efficient position to cool your Gen 3 EA888. This is where the intercooler can utilize the ambient air where it is coolest, before it passes through your other radiators and temperatures increase. 

MK7 GTI/Golf R Charge Pipes

The ARM Upgraded Charge Piping Kit for the MQB platform improves airflow by completely replacing the restrictive 1.5" factory plastic piping to and from your intercooler with full 2.5" T6061 aluminum piping coated in a durable wrinkle black finish.

The factory charge piping on the MQB platform consists of quite narrow 1.5" plastic piping with multiple geometrical changes.  The ARM Charge Piping Upgrade is engineered with a consistent 2.5" diameter throughout the entire system.

MK7 GTI/Golf R Intake

The ARM MK7 GTI/GOLF R Intake Kit was designed to increase airflow on your 2.0T by removing the stock intake restrictions.  Upgrading to the ARM MK7 Intake allows your 2.0T to produce more power and torque throughout the RPM range, especially at higher RPM.  The ARM MK7 Intake is ideal for tuned IS20, IS38, and upgraded turbo equipped 2.0T's. 

MK7 GTI/Golf R Turbo Inlet

The ARM Motorsports MQB Turbo Inlet Upgrade is a must have for any turbocharged MQB VW or Audi. The OEM turbo inlet restricts boost and turbo sound to appeal to the average MQB owner, not the enthusiast. We created the ARM Motorsports Turbo Inlet Upgrade to cater towards the enthusiasts looking for an improvement in airflow, boost, and sound. Pair the ARM Turbo Inlet with the ARM MQB Intake for maximum airflow on your MQB!

MK7 GTI/Golf R Turbo Muffler Delete 

  The ARM Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete is an upgrade that allows you to hear more turbo sound while allowing your turbo to breath better. The ARM Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete has a larger 52mm inner diameter compared to the 46mm OEM version. It also does not include the vents like the OEM one, which reduces turbo sounds to cater to the average consumer.


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.

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