4.0T Intake Install

Congratulations on giving your 4.0T the breath of life with the ARM 4.0T Intake System!


Step 1

Begin by removing the OEM airbox by loosening the worm clamps on each intake tube with a 7mm socket.


Step 2

Pull up on the corners to pop the grommets off of their mounting points, but be careful to not pull up too far as the SAI tube will still be connected to the airbox.  Create just enough gap to reach underneath the airbox and unclip the SAI tube from the airbox. 

You can now remove the OEM intake. 

Step 3

If you've purchased the ARM Billet Inlets, continue here, otherwise skip down to Step #15

Step 4

Begin removing the two hoses that connect the turbos to the throttle body.

Step 5

Next, remove the two plastic hoses connected to the top of the throttle body by removing the 6x T25 screws.

Step 6

Remove the two hoses attached to the driver-side turbo inlet by removing the clamps.


Step 7

Remove the 6x screws holding the throttle body to the intercooler. 


Step 8

Remove the throttle body from the intercooler. 

Step 9

You can now remove the 4 hex screws holding in both turbo inlets and remove them from the engine bay.

Step 10

The ARM Billet Inlets can now be installed using the 4x supplied bolts.

Step 11

Reconnect the the two hoses onto the driver side turbo inlet.

Step 12

Reinstall the throttle body onto the intercooler. 

Step 13

Reconnect the two plastic air hoses onto the throttle body. 

Step 14

Connect the turbos to the throttle body using the OEM couplers and clamps.

Step 15

Begin by installing the ARM 4.0T Intake by starting with the two silicone hoses.  These will attach to the OEM, RS, or ARM Inlets depending on which option you ordered.  Each different style turbo inlet has a corresponding intake hose, make sure you have the correct hoses for the turbo inlets you will be installing them onto.  Below is a reference guide. 


Step 16

Install the silicone hoses onto the turbo inlets with the clamps on the hoses.  Do not tighten them down just yet. 

Step 17

Next, mount the air filters to the aluminum pipes on the longer end of the pipe and install the aluminum pipes into the silicone hoses from the previous step.

Step 18

NOTE:  If you opted for the ARM Heat Shield, this is when you will install it.  The heat shield has two mounting prongs on the bottom side, align these with the holes in the frame below the intake and simply drop it in. 

4.0T Intake Installation
Step 19

Use the included weather stripping to line the top side of the heat shield for cushioning between the heat shield and the hood.  Feed the aluminum intake pipes through the heat shield.

Step 20

Connect the aluminum intake pipes and secure all of the clamps.

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