Congratulations on ordering your ARM Motorsports 5" FMIC!  We're here to help you make this a fast and easy installation utilizing this DIY guide. 



  • 8mm Socket
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • T-25 Torx Socket
  • 11mm Deep Socket

This installation will only require the front end of the car to be lifted off of the ground. That said, never work on a car being supported only by a jack. Always utilize jack stands and wheel chocks that meet the weight requirements of your vehicle.

STEP 1: Remove the factory undertray with an 8mm socket to unscrew the fasteners.

STEP 2: Unhinge the two tabs on the intercooler by pulling down and turning counter-clockwise.

STEP 3: Pull the c-clip into the unlocked position on each intercooler hose and disconnect the hoses from the intercooler.

STEP 4: Remove the screw on each side of the intercooler using a T-25 Torx socket. At this point the intercooler will be loose and be prepared to lower it out.

STEP 5: On some models it may be necessary to remove this small plastic piece on the passenger side. It will come out by hand.

STEP 6: It may be necessary to gently adjust the tabs on the bottom of the intercooler to accommodate the black tabs of the radiator shroud.

STEP 7: Thread one of the included nuts onto one of the threaded studs included with the kit and use a deep 11mm socket to drive the coarse end of the stud into the mounting hole. Do not tighten past 15ft/lb or you may crack the housing.

STEP 8: Once the coarse end is threaded in add one of the included washers on top of the intercooler bracket on each side before inserting the whole unit up into the cavity and onto the recently installed studs. With the intercooler suspended add another washer on the bottom followed by the final 11mm nut. Tighten down until secure, not past 15ft/lb.

NOTE: If you are installing the ARM 7" FMIC you will need to complete some mild trimming of the radiator shroud.  The trimming guide is located HERE.

STEP 9: If you ordered the ARM FMIC Hose Upgrade skip this step and follow the DIY for the hose upgrade HERE.  Wipe down the factory connections to remove any dirt.  Install the included o-rings onto the factory connectors and reconnect the factory hoses to the ARM FMIC.  Transfer the c-clips over from the factory intercooler.  It helps to pinch the rubber hose in order to manipulate the connector into the correct angle.

STEP 10: Make sure all the connections are secure and reinstall the factory under-tray using the 8mm screws.

Enjoy your new ARM FMIC!


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