Thank you for ordering the ARM Motorsports FMIC Hose Upgrade for your BMW!  This DIY Install Guide will help you make the installation quick and easy.  


ARM 5" or 7" FMIC

ARM N54 or N55Charge Pipe



STEP 1: Remove the intake snorkel and airbox or filters.  Whether you have an upgraded intake or stock airbox, removing it will make connection to the charge pipe easier.  

STEP 2: Disconnect the silicone elbow connecting the charge pipe to the stock intercooler pipe on the driver side.  


STEP 3: Disconnect the lower charge pipe from the intercooler.

STEP 4: Unclip the coolant line from the intercooler pipe.  

STEP 5: At this point the intercooler pipe is free and needs to be maneuvered out of the engine bay.  It is easiest to pull it out the top of the engine bay.  To make this easier you may want to cut off the plastic clip that was holding the coolant line.

STEP 6: With the stock intercooler pipe removed from the driver side, install the ARM driver side hose upgrade (long hose).  It is easiest to install this hose from underneath the engine bay and feed it upwards until you can pull it through from the top of the engine bay, where it meets the charge pipe.


STEP 7: With the driver side in position, let's move to the passenger side where we need to remove the short accordion-style hose from the turbo outlet pipe.  This is connected to the turbo outlet pipe by BMW's one-time-use clamp.  It will need to be cut off to be removed.  Do this and the hose will slide off the turbo outlet pipe.

STEP 8: Next install the ARM passenger side hose onto the turbo outlet pipe, make sure to put the clamp on first, it will be the smallest clamp in the kit.  

STEP 9: With both hoses in position you are ready to install the ARM FMIC.  Before mounting the FMIC make sure you have clamps on both hoses at the FMIC connection points.  

STEP 10: Install the FMIC and slide both hoses over the FMIC connectors as far as they will go.  Especially on the driver side, this is to create as much clearance from the pulleys and belts as possible (IF THIS IS INSTALLED INCORRECTLY, THE BELT WILL CHEW THROUGH THE HOSE).

STEP 11: When positioning the clamps, make sure they are forward of the bead on the connectors so that they create a complete seal.  

FMIC Hose Upgrade Install Guide

STEP 12: Connect the upper hose directly to the charge pipe, you will not need the silicone elbow originally included with your ARM Charge Pipe kit. 

STEP 13: Lastly, reinstall your intake, double check all of your connections to ensure a proper seal.


Enjoy your upgraded FMIC hoses on your E9X N54!!

If you have any questions about the installation process please contact us at


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