F30 Turbo Outlet Pipe with Hose Upgrade DIY

The Hose Upgrade for the F30 will replace parts of the Turbo Outlet, to create a larger diameter for better flow, all while lessening turbulence.

Step 1

Look at your parts for the Turbo Outlet Kit.

Step 2

The FMIC Side Aluminum pipe and the coupler will both be replaced by the N55 Hose Upgrade for the hot side as shown below.

Step 3

First you can put the Turbo Side Aluminum pipe on the turbo, and make sure the C-clip is fully seated in the race to ensure there is no boost leak at this side.

Step 4

Slide the N55HU over the Turbo Side Aluminum pipe with a clamp as shown in the diagram.

Step 5

Slide the other side of the N55HU over the fitting on the FMIC, and tighten down the clamp in the location as shown in the diagram below.


Now you have a full upgraded hotside piping for your charge air system!

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