MK7 Lower Bracket Installation

The ARM MK7 FMIC Lower Bracket Kit will create the few extra millimeters needed on some cars to give some space in betweeen the ARM FMIC and A/C condenser.  This is not necessary on most vehicles, but do to some variations on how the FMIC sits on different cars this may be useful for those who find there is pressure on the A/C condenser. 


Tools Needed:

  • 6mm Allen Key
  • 13mm socket



Remove the front bumper using the MK7 FMIC Install Guide


Place the bolt into the lower holes on the FMIC on both driver and passenger side. This has the 6mm Allen Key fitting.


Place bracket onto the bolt like the photo above, then place the washer, and finish off with the nut (13mm). Make sure the bracket is lined up with the plastic lower radiator shroud.  Then tighten to 10ft/lb.


This will now create space between your FMIC and the AC condenser.


Feel free to reach out if you need any other help with this!

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