Thank you for purchasing the ARM Motorsports Upgraded Charge Pipe kit! In this install guide we will be walking you through how to install the charge pipes on an OEM location Intercooler as well as the ARM Motorsports upgraded FMIC!


  • 5MM Allen 
  • T20
  • T25
  • T30
  • 7MM Socket
  • 11MM Socket

Begin by removing the front bumper to access the intercooler and get easier access to the throttle body pipe. This is going to require both a T25 and a T30. Remove the circled bolts using a T25 socket, then using a downward and pulling motion to remove the grill from the car.

It should now look like this.

Next we will remove the two bolts supporting the bumper and our FMIC bracket, to remove these you will need a T30 socket, the bolt is shown here.

The next step is to remove the torx screws that are holding in the fender liner and bumper, removing your wheels is not needed for this step

These 5 torx screws need to be removed with a T25 on both sides of the car, after those are removed it will give you access to the two torx screws holding in the bumper on both sides.

After these are removed, make sure to unplug your fog lights.  Now it is time to pull the clips that hold the bumper in.  To do this gently pull forward on your bumper, don't pull too aggressively or you will break the clips. Here is a picture of the clips that have been removed:

You have removed your front bumper! Your car should now look like this.

We are doing this install on a MK7 that has our FMIC installed with the stock charge pipes. We will also demonstrate how to install the charge pipes on a stock FMIC.

The next step for the install is going to be removing all of the stock charge pipes.

The first step is to remove your intake. After the intake is uninstalled your engine bay should look like the picture below, circled is the pipe which will be getting removed in the next step.

To remove this pipe, the first step is to remove the worm clamp that is holding the stock charge pipe to the turbo muffler. In the picture below I have circled the clamp. You can remove it with a 7mm socket

After you remove the worm clamp there are two T30 bolts holding in the turbo outlet pipe. The two bolts are circled in the photo below

Simply follow the turbo outlet pipe down and undo the clamp, if it is our MK7 FMIC it uses a 11mm socket. The last T30 is going to be right above the oil pan on the drivers side shown in the photo below

Once that clamp and bolt are removed you can pull out your turbo outlet pipe! Below is a picture showing the OEM turbo outlet next to the ARM turbo outlet.

Now that you have your turbo outlet removed you have exposed your stock turbo muffler, the turbo muffler is located near on the turbo near the back of the engine bay. on our example we had an aftermarket turbo muffler delete already installed, but the removal for an aftermarket is the exact same as the OEM turbo muffler. It will require a 5mm Allen key to remove the 3 bolts. Below is the picture of the turbo muffler.

Once this is removed we will install the ARM Turbo Muffler Delete and it should now look like the photo below

After we have the turbo muffler installed we will head over to the passenger side of the car and remove the throttle body pipe. The throttle body pipe is a smaller pipe but it can be a bit more tricky since the bolts and clamps holding it in are a little harder to access. The first step is to disconnect the throttle body from the intercooler.

If you are using our intercooler, again it will require an 11mm socket to remove the intercooler piping from the throttle body pipe. If you go under your car you will see it to the right of your oil pan. The throttle body pipe will be held in by two torx screws and a clamp where it connects to the throttle body. The first torx screw will be towards the drivers side of the car right above the oil pan directly above the torx you just removed for the turbo outlet, which is shown in the picture below

For the next torx screw, just follow the throttle body pipe towards the passenger side of the car it will be above the throttle body pipe near the end of the oil pan. It will look like the photo below.

Now that you have that screw removed, the only things holding your throttle body pipe in is a clamp connecting it to the throttle body and your MAF sensor.

Remove the MAF sensor connector first which is directly to the left of the last torx screw we removed.

Now onto the clamp, the clamp will be a 7mm worm clamp. We found that accessing it from the top is the easiest. So simply follow the throttle body pipe up and disconnect the clamp from the throttle body. Now that you have removed that your throttle body pipe should slide right out. Here is a photo of the stock throttle body pipe next to the ARM throttle body pipe.

Now that all of the OEM charge pipes are removed it is time to install the ARM Charge Pipes! Now while installing these take your time and make sure you are tightening the clamps well to avoid boost leaks and making sure that the clamps are easily accessible just in case you ever need to adjust or remove the charge pipes.

The first part of the ARM charge piping we will be installing is the Turbo Outlet Pipe. First, you are going to grab the two parts shown in the photo below, the short pipe and the short hose. You will also need two 77/69 clamps.

Now that you have these two, you will attach the silicone hose to your Turbo Muffler Delete that you installed earlier with the 77/69 clamp. These clamps will all use an 11mm socket. once attached it should look like this.

Next, slip in your short pipe. It should now look like this.

Next you will grab these two pieces.

Once you have these pieces you will take the long silicone hose and attach it to the short hose. You will attach the short side of the silicone hose to the short pipe you just installed. It should now look like this.

Next is to feed your long pipe down towards your FMIC. It will look like this once the pipe is installed.

Now if you look at the car from the bottom you should see this.

The last step for this side is to connect the ARM FMIC to your charge pipes, you will do this with the pipe that was included with the ARM FMIC. If you are using the stock location intercooler you will use this hose included in the ARM Charge Pipe Kit.

If you are installing it with the ARM FMIC it will connect with this pipe.

Once installed it should look like this from the front

Just like that you have installed your turbo outlet pipes for your MK7 GTI! Pat yourself on the back and now prepare yourself for the throttle body pipe. While the throttle body pipe is just one pipe, it can be tricky to get to the clamps that connect it to the throttle body. Let's start walking through the last bit of the install! First, start off by grabbing these two pieces (The last two pieces in the kit)

The first step of this process is going to be to swapping the MAP sensor off of your OEM charge pipe to the ARM charge pipe. It will be held in by two T20 bolts, once on the ARM charge pipe it should look like this.

Next you will take your throttle body pipe and install it where you uninstalled the stock one. Once the pipe is in position, it should look like this.

Plug your MAP sensor back in like the picture below.

Now that you have that plugged in, if you are using the OEM Intercooler you can use this pipe to connect the throttle body pipe to the OEM/stock location intercooler.

If you are using the ARM FMIC you will use the last piece of piping you have to connect the throttle body pipe to the FMIC and the final connections should look like this

Now just like that, you have installed your own set of ARM charge pipes! We  recommend going around and making sure all of your connections are snug and your clamps are tight. This is to avoid boost leaks and potentially your charge pipes disconnecting from each other. Reinstall your intake and bumper and start it up! You have now increased your airflow through your intercooler! 


If you have any questions about your install or anything at all please let us know and we'll be glad to assist!


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