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In some cases, the 4.0T A8 and S8 Models have a lengthened midpipe section, and will require the ARM 4.0T Fit Kit in order to allow the ARM Midpipes to reach the rear exhaust section. This blog post is to help you determine if this is something you will need.

This is going to require some investigation under the vehicle at the midpipe to muffler connection.

The photo below is our shop S7 and the location of this connection. If your vehicle looks like this, you will be fine with just the Midpipe.


The photo below here is the A8/S8 with the longer midpipe section. If your vehicle looks like this, you will need to get our fit kit in order to bridge the gap you will have between the end of the midpipes and the rear section of the exhaust system.


If your vehicle does require the 4.0T Fit Kit, you will receive the following:

  • 2x Midpipe Extensions
  • 2x Midpipe Clamps

The extensions will be installed onto the end of the ARM 4.0T Midpipes to bridge the gap between them, and the rear-section of the exhaust system.  Use the included clamps on the end of the ARM Midpipes, and the OEM clamps in their original location. 

If you still have questions, or cannot determine if you need this, feel free to get a photo of the underside of your vehicle where the midpipes connect to the rear-section of the exhaust and send it in to getarmed@armmotorsports.com and one of our helpful Technical Support staff will point you in the right direction! 

Also, take a look at all of our other parts available for the A/S8 4.0T Platforms!

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