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When it comes to owning, and specifically tuning and modding your N63, it is important to know which version you have since the small differences from each iteration may require different parts or upgrades from another.  This article will help you discover which version you have.

N63 engines come in 4 different variations. Starting with the original N63 in 2010, to the TU (Technical Update), then to the TU2, and ending with the most recent (TU3) which is split in two subgroups N63B44M3 (M3) and N63B44T3 (T3).  


Here is the original N63 Engine bay. Your engine cover may be a different color combination depending on the year, but the key element to look for is that there are no DME's up front towards the headlights.

n63 original bmw f10 f12



The second iteration of the N63 is the N63TU. BMW started putting these in certain models around 2014.  The distinguishing characteristic of the N63TU are the dual DME's at the front of the engine bay (As circled in red below). 

If you are upgrading to our N63 Intake you will want to opt for the Front Facing Upgrade for the reason that the air filters will need to be relocated behind the front grille in order to avoid contact with the DME's, as they partially occupy the same location in our standard N63 Intake kit.  

N63 TU2 bmw f10 f12
You will find this updated N63TU in:
2013-2015 F01/F02 750i
2013-2016 F07 550i GT
2014-2016 F10 550i
2014-2018 F15 X5 50i
2014-2019 F16 X6 50i
2013-2018 F12/F13 650i
2013-2019 F06 650i GC

N63R (N63TU2)

The next generation of the N63 is the N63R. In the US, BMW debuted these in 2017 in the G30 M550i. The distinguishing characteristic of the N63R is the longer, fully exposed charge pipes which use a clip to connect, rather then a v-band as on previous N63 variants. ARM upgrades for this version can be found here.

bmw f10 f12 TU2
You will find this engine in:
2016-2019 G12 750i
2017+ G30 M550i




bmw f10 f12 M850i N63 TU3
The latest in the N63 family is the N63B44M3 or "M3", this can be determined by the airboxes straddling the engine cover. You can find this engine in the:
2018+ G05 X5 50i
2018+ G07 X7 50i


The newest addition of the N63 is the N63B44T3 or "T3", this engine has the highest output of all N63s and are found in the newest line of BMW the resurrected and redesigned 8 Series. The location of the airboxes is pushed way out by the headlights, this is the identifying factor with this variant.
The TU3 T3 variation is found in the vehicles below:
2020+ G30 M550i
2019+ G12 750
2018+ G15 M850i
2020+ G05 X5 M50i

Hopefully by now you can clearly identify which variant of the N63 you own!  If you have any questions about upgrading your BMW let us know, we're happy to help!

For a complete list of ARM upgrades for the N63 click the link below...


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