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B58 VS. B58TU


If you do minimal research, you will quickly find one of the hottest tuning engines out on the market today is BMW's B58. The B58 is being coined as the new age 2JZ, it's even being used in the new MK5 Supra. The B58 was first introduced in 2015 with BMW's F-Series vehicles and it was named Wards Worlds 10 Best Engines 4 times. (2016 340i, 2017 M240i, 2019 X5, and 2020 M340i).

B58 Tuning

Just like the N63 and other BMW engines, the B58 received a Technical Update (TU) in 2019 in the new G-class M340i and then again, a slight variation in the 2020 Toyota Supra.  What were these changes and how do they effect your ability to tune your B58?

Major Differences Between the B58 Gen 1 and B58TU

B58 tuning

1. Crankshaft

The updated version of the B58 utilizes lighter materials in the crank shaft, reducing the spinning mass by 2.3 lbs. This will cause the engine to sustain more of its energy for power output.

2. Timing Chain

The B58TU iteration moved to a 1 piece timing chain, making the front end of the engine look increasingly like the 2JZ and fitting for its placement in the MK5 Supra. This alleviates extra points of failure from the 2-piece system.

3. VANOS Gears

Changing the timing chain configuration, the VANOS gears also had to be reworked in the B58TU. This is simply a fit to form change from the Gen 1 B58.

4. Cooling System

BMW decided to delve into a split-zone cooling system to allow for the head, and block to have different pumps that can cohabitate in the cooling system. Due to this, the serpentine belt also had to be revised to mold around the pumps in the B58TU.

5. Fueling

One of the better-known changes is the fueling system, and to be exact the fuel pump. This is a popular bolt-on upgrade for the non-TU owners as well to achieve Stage 2+ tunes and the ability to run 30-50% Ethanol mixes. Having this ability gains the possibility to reach 500WHP on the B58's stock turbo. This is due to a higher flow rate (Shown in the table below). This took the B58TU system to 350 bar injection pressure.

Fuel Pump

Flow Rate (CC)

HDP5 EVO (B58 Stock)


HDP6 EVO (TU Pump)


There was also a change in the B58TU's injectors to adjust the fuel spray pattern to accommodate minute changes in the cylinder head exhaust manifold integration.

6. Cylinder Head

The newest iteration of the B58 also updated the cylinder head to integrate the exhaust manifold. This is a drastic change; however, both variations of the B58 can still fit the same downpipe.

What does this mean for you, and upgrading your B58?

Both versions of the B58 can make well north of 400whp, however the B58TU will have a slightly easier time doing it due to the upgraded fuel pump.  Upgrading the Gen 1 B58 to have the B58TU pump is a relatively easy process and will allow you achieve almost identical numbers to the B58TU.

While the B58TU's may seem like an all-around better setup, take note that 2020 and newer vehicles will require a DME unlock to access full flash tuning capabilities.  This is because BMW started locking their DME's in 2020, and even 2019's can have locked DME's is they received a software update, which can happen remotely as well.  This can be overcome by taking advantage of a DME unlocking service.  

B58 Unlocking

Whether you have the B58 or B58TU, you will be able to fit the same downpipe.  

B58 Downpipe

The B58 Charge Pipes and Intakes will have different designs, you will need to get the appropriate charge pipe and intake for your version of the B58. 

All ARM B58 upgrades are available here > B58 Upgrades


If you have any other questions, or need assistance with your B58 build please reach out to us and we'll be glad to assist you build an unforgettable B58!

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