Audi 4.0T Catted Downpipes - S6 S7 RS7 A8 S8

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• Gain up to 37whp / 42wtq
• Faster Turbo Spool 
• Improved Exhaust Note



The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes immediately improve backpressure in your exhaust system,allowing your Audi 4.0T turbos to spool faster and generate more power lower in the RPM range

Audi 4.0T Downpipes

The OEM 4.0T downpipes incorporate two large coffee can-size catalysts which reduce exhaust flow and power from your 4.0T.  By replacing your OEM 4.0T downpipes with the ARM 4.0T Catted downpipes you will eliminate this restriction and free up exhaust flow.

Another drawback of the OEM downpipes is they are designed to cross over each other.  The driver side turbo connects to the passenger side midpipe, and vice versa on the opposite side.  This forces the exhaust gasses to take a longer pathway with several sharp kinks and turns. The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes begin and end on the same side to improve airflow and shorten the travel-path of the exhaust gasses. This results in faster turbo spool, more torque, and improved throttle response.  


 The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes are built from SS304 stainless steel to ensure build strength and weld integrity for the life of your Audi 4.0T.  You will never need another set of downpipes again!

The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes feature a 200 Cell Catalyst. Pair these downpipes with our CEL Delete kit to avoid a check engine light.


Starting at the turbos, the ARM 4.0T Catted downpipes are made from one solid 4.4" x 3" collector for durability.  This collector is welded to an OEM-style 5-Bolt flange that will fit any turbo upgrade for the 4.0T platform.  

The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes include a stainless steel flex section to relieve stress from the turbos during aggressive acceleration, cornering, and braking. 

The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes utilize the OEM transmission mounting brackets to further secure them in place during aggressive driving.

The ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes transition to a 2.25" 3-Bolt flange to match up perfectly to the OEM Midpipes or the ARM 4.0T Midpipes.



While the ARM 4.0T Catted Downpipes enhance the sound of your exhaust dramatically, if you are looking to take your exhaust note to the next level, the ARM 4.0T Midpipes are an easy upgrade to further open up the incredible sound of your 4.0T. 

Audi designed the OEM midpipes with dual resonators to suppress the sound of your 4.0T.  While that may be desirable for some drivers, as an enthusiast you want to hear more of the amazing sound generated by the twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet.  The ARM 4.0T Midpipes do exactly that.  If you install the upgraded midpipes while installing the downpipes, it only adds approximately 10 minutes to the installation, making it the perfect time to install the midpipes.  


• 2x ARM 4.0T Downpipes
• 2x ARM Turbo Gaskets
• 2x ARM Midpipe Gaskets
• 10x Replacement Turbo Studs
• 10x Turbo Stud Nuts
• 6x Midpipe Bolts
• 6x Midpipe Nuts


Make Chassis Model Engine
S7 4.0T
C7.5 S6
AUDI C7.5 S7 4.0T
AUDI D4 A8 4.0T
AUDI D4 S8 4.0T
AUDI C7 RS7 4.0T
AUDI C7.5 RS7 4.0T


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