Audi C8 4.0T Downpipes - C8 RS6/RS7 D5 A8/S8

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• Gain up to 41whp / 45wtq
• Faster Turbo Spool 
• Improved Exhaust Note
• Fully Reversible
• Removable Midpipe Flanges


The ARM C8 RS Downpipes immediately increase power, torque, and throttle response on your 4.0T-powered C8 RS6, RS7, or D5 S8.  By improving backpressure in your exhaust system, the ARM C8 4.0T Downpipes allow your Audi RS6/RS7 turbos to spool faster, generating more power and torque, especially in the lower in the RPM range, all while making your 4.0T sound incredible! 

The OEM C8 RS6/RS7 downpipes incorporate two large catalysts which restrict exhaust flow and power from your Audi C8 RS6/RS7.  By upgrading your OEM RS6/RS7 downpipes with the ARM C8 RS6/RS7 downpipes you will eliminate this restriction and improve exhaust flow, increasing power and torque.

RS6 Downpipes


 The ARM C8 RS6/RS7 Downpipes are built from SS304 stainless steel to ensure bulletproof build strength and weld integrity for the life of your Audi RS6/RS7.  You will never need another set of downpipes again!  The ARM C8 RS Downpipes start at the turbochargers with a 5.75" CNC machined V-Band flange.  This flange allows the ARM RS Downpipes to connect to the OEM turbos, or upgraded turbos that use the same size exhaust side housings.  The ARM RS Downpipes are designed with a centering key in the V-Band to ensure the downpipes line up with the OEM midpipes or the ARM C8 4.0T Midpipes perfectly. 

RS6 Downpipes

The ARM RS Downpipes maintain a full 304 Stainless Steel 5.5" body all the way until where the design turns downwards towards the midpipes, where they gradually reduce down to 3" in order to connect with the ARM C8 4.0T Midpipes, or OEM Midpipes. 

The ARM RS Downpipes have a improved design feature which allows for easier installation compared to OEM style downpipes.  The ARM RS Downpipes feature a removeable midpipe flange, which saves healthy amount of your precious time during installation.  The top inside bolt on many downpipes is unnecessarily difficult to reach, even with an assortment of extensions and swivel sockets, it can take quite some time, bloody knuckles and four letter words to get these torqued down properly.  The ARM RS Downpipes make this flange separate from the rest of the downpipes, allowing you to secure the midpipe flange to the midpipe before connecting it to the downpipe, which then only requires one, easy to reach, exhaust clamp to fully secure the midpipe connections.  

C8 RS6 Downpipes


• 2x ARM RS Downpipes
• 2x ARM Midpipe Flanges
• 2x Exhaust Clamps
• 2x Midpipe Gaskets
• 6x Midpipe Bolts
• 6x Midpipe Nuts


Make Chassis Model Engine
RS7 4.0T
D5 S8 4.0T
AUDI D5 A8 4.0T


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.

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