B58 CHARGE PIPE - 240i 340i 440i 540i 640i 740i

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• Increased 3" Diameter
• Tri-Port NPT

• CNC Machined Fittings
• Mandrel Bent T6061 Aluminum


The ARM B58 Charge Pipe is a bulletproof charge pipe replacement for the plastic OEM B58 charge pipe.  The ARM B58 Charge Pipe increases the diameter over the OEM charge pipe, resulting in increased airflow from the turbo to the engine, and improved throttle response. Upgrading the charge pipe on your B58 is one of the basic steps in ensuring your B58 is protected against a charge pipe failure.  In addition to making sure you have a reliable means of transporting the charge air from the turbo to the throttle body, the ARM B58 Charge Pipe comes with Tri-Port capability giving you 3 options for tapping into the charge pipe for meth, boost, or nitrous. 

B58 Charge Pipe


The ARM B58 Charge Pipe starts at the turbo with a CNC machined fitting which seals tightly at the turbocharger outlet port.  It then transitions to the mandrel bent 2.5" piping for smooth transitions and to match the turbo outlet. 

B58 Charge Pipe

The 6 layer reinforced silicone coupler connects the 2.5" piping to the larger 3" upper charge pipe section.  This runs all the way to the CNC 3-bolt throttle body flange.  The silicone coupler is secured using our constant tension T-bolt clamps to ensure that the connection doesn't loosen over time.  The upper charge pipe incorporates machined connections for the temperature and MAP sensors to ensure a precise fit.

B58 Charge Pipe

The ARM B58 Charge Pipe incorporates Tri-Port 1/8" NPT bungs.  These 3 bungs are useful for running a heavy dose of methanol injection, tapping in for secondary boost gauge, nitrous injection, or anything else your heart desires!  More ports means more options, and with the ARM charge pipe you have 3. 

B58 Charge Pipe


• ARM B58 Lower Charge Pipe
• ARM B58 Upper Charge Pipe
• ARM Silicone Coupler
• ARM Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamps


The ARM B58 Charge Pipe is for Gen 1 B58 engines only found in the vehicles below. 

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW F22 M240i B58 
BMW F22 M240i xDrive B58 
BMW F23 M240i B58 
BMW F23 M240i xDrive B58 
BMW F30 340i B58 
BMW F30 340i xDrive B58 
BMW F32 440i B58 
BMW F32 440i xDrive B58 
BMW F33 440i B58 
BMW F33 440i xDrive B58 
BMW F34 340i xDrive B58 
BMW F36 440i B58 
BMW F36 440i xDrive B58 
BMW G01 X3 M40i B58 
BMW G02 X4 M40i B58 
BMW G11 740i B58 
BMW G11 740i xDrive B58 
BMW G30 540i B58 
BMW G30 540i xDrive B58 
BMW G32 640i xDrive B58 


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.

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