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N55 Full Bolt on kit

Create a custom FBO Kit for your N55!  Customize your full bolt on kit exactly how you want it for your specific build. The Downpipe is a required option for the FBO kit.


An F30 N55 Downpipe is regarded as the best hardware upgrade to get the most power from your N55 powered F3X BMW.  The stock N55 downpipe comes from the factory with a catalyst that severely restricts exhaust flow.  Upgrading your downpipe unlocks power, improves turbo spool, allows you to run stage 2+ tuning, and increases the exhaust note of your N55 powered BMW all at once.  An N55 downpipe upgrade is the first hardware upgrade every N55 owner should invest in.   


An ARM F30 Intercooler upgrade is one of the best modifications you can make to your N20/N26 or N55 powered BMW.  The F3X's significant weak-point is its stock intercooler.  This becomes obvious when tuning your F30 to increase boost with a Stage 1 tune and even more so with a Stage 2+ tune.  With a higher boost target the charged air coming out of the turbo is hotter, therefore increasing IAT's.  To compensate for the higher IAT's the ECU (DME) reduces boost, timing, and overall power to protect the engine.  The ARM F3X FMIC Kit keeps your IAT's low allowing you to maximize the power your N20/N26 or N55 is capable of making. 

N55 INTAKE - F3X 335I 435I 235I M2

  The ARM N55 Intake increases airflow to your N55 turbo by expanding and streamlining piping from the air filter to the turbo inlet.  The ARM N55 Intake comes complete with our heat shield which creates a strong seal with your hood to separate the hot air around the engine, from the cool air being pulled in by the OEM air snorkel.  The ARM N55 Intake utilizes a dry multimedia inverted filter to clean the air passing into the turbo.


The F30 N55 doesn't fall far from the tree of its older brother the E90 when it comes to charge piping. Like the E90, the F30 charge pipe is made of plastic, and is susceptible to breaking at the most inopportune times, leaving you stranded or at the very least driving home in limp mode.

The OEM N55 charge pipe on the F30 is known to crack even on stock boost levels, but it becomes even much more of a risk on tuned cars. To remove this weak point on your F30 N55 we've built a charge pipe to handle the most demanding builds.


An N55 F-Series Turbo Outlet pipe is a must have addition for anyone with an N55 F-Series engine, The turbo outlet pipe allows for more air flow out of the turbo to the intercooler, increasing horsepower and allowing for faster turbo spool.


The ARM Motorsports F3X N55 Hose Upgrade is designed to work seamlessly for the ARM F3X FMIC Kit paired with ARM N55 Charge Pipe and ARM N55 Turbo Outlet Pipe upgrades.

The ARM N55 Hose Upgrade is used to improve airflow by eliminating the OEM style connections from the FMIC to the Charge Pipe and Turbo Outlet Pipe, and reducing the overall amount of transitions of the charge-air.  The OEM style connections are prone to leaking and can be difficult to connect properly.  The ARM F3X Hose Upgrade converts the OEM style connections to a more secure hose-to-bead connection for a leak-free seal. 


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.

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