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N63/N63TU Full Bolt On Kit

Create a custom FBO Kit for your N63!  Customize your full bolt on kit exactly how you want it to fit your specific N63 build. The Downpipes are a required option for the FBO kit and the only item included by default.  To select additional upgrades please use the add-on options.  If you're looking for a kit without our N63 Downpipes, please click this link to our N63 Intake.


ARM Motorsports' new N63/N63TU downpipes for the 4.4L V8 Twin-Turbo powered BMW's allows you to take your N63/N63TU engine to the next level. Made with full 304 Stainless Steel and 3" construction these downpipes provide a significant increase in power and torque over the OEM catted downpipes. In addition to the massive power gains, these downpipes open up an incredible exhaust sound from the turbocharged V8 that will shock and awe onlookers!

Our test car was an N63-equipped 2012 550i GT optioned with the all-wheel drive xDrive system. It came with a Stage 2 tune installed making our baseline numbers 412awhp and 482awtq. After installing the ARM 3" Downpipes and Cold Air Intake, we recorded gains of 48whp and 43wtq over the standard Stage 2 tune for an impressive total of 460awhp and 525awtq. 


The ARM Motorsports N63 Intake for the F-Series BMW replaces the stock air boxes with a dual cone design improving airflow and increasing power on your N63 powered BMW.



The ARM N63 Intake is available with a Front Facing Upgrade which relocates the filters from the engine bay to behind the front grille.  This option allows the N63 engine to draw in cooler air than the standard engine bay setup can offer.  



ARM Motorsports N63 Charge Pipes give you the ability to take your N63-powered BMW to the next level with methanol injection portsConstructed of precision CNC machined T6061 aluminum, the ARM N63 Charge Pipes will allow you to tap methanol injection into your charged air pre-intercooler, giving you the ability to decrease intake air temperatures, increase boost, advance timing, and prevent detonation.

The N63 engine responds very well to tuning, as 20psi of boost can be achieved with relative ease. However, going above 20psi will often result in detonation or "knock", causing a Drivetrain Malfunction and throwing your car into limp mode. The addition of methanol injection is a powerful tool in reducing the intake air temperature, and therefore preventing detonation.


The ARM N63/TU Catless Downpipes are compatible with the cars on the list below that have a slip-fit style OEM downpipe only. The most reliable and accurate way is to simply look under your vehicle for the connection point between the downpipe and mid pipe. In most cases, this is visible without having to remove any undertrays or covers. If your connections look like the images below and your car is listed on the fitment chart, these will fit your vehicle. 

Make Chassis Model Engine
BMW F01 750i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F01 750i xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F01 Alpina B7 N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F02 750Li N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F02 750Li xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F06 650i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F06 650i xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F06 Alpina B6 xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F07 550i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F07 550i xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F10 550i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F10 550i xDrive N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F12 650i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F12 650iX N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F13 650i N63/TU 4.4L
BMW F13 650iX N63/TU 4.4L


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.


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