N63TU3 INTAKE - M550i M850i 750i

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• Improved Airflow
• Faster Turbo Spool
• Increased Turbo Sounds
• Easy 30 Minute Installation
• Premium Materials Throughout


The ARM N63TU3 Intake system is designed to improve airflow and increase throttle response on BMW's 3rd generation of the N63 found in the M550i M850i and 750i.  Installing the ARM N63TU3 Intake on your BMW is easy, without any cutting or drilling involved, and only takes about 30 minutes.  The ARM N63TU3 Intake will work perfectly with Stage 1 or Stage 2 tunes.  It is also compatible with the OEM tune.  The photo below is shown with the ARM N63R/N63B Charge Pipes which are not included with the ARM N63TU3 Intake.

N63B N63TU3 Intake


The ARM N63TU3 Intake is made with 6-layer reinforced silicone couplers which have a 3" connection at one end to utilize the factory turbo inlets.  The couplers increase smoothly all the way up to 3.5" at the opposite end where the ARM Dry Filters are installed.  By using silicone couplers as the material for the intake runners, we are able to maximize the size between the OEM turbo inlets and the ARM Air Filters while retaining the strut braces. Since the runner between the filter and turbo inlets must pass though the strut braces, using a silicone material prevents wear and ratting found with aluminum runners.

N63TU3 Intake

The ARM Dry Air Filters included in the kit are made of high quality multimedia material designed to allow maximum airflow to your engine while providing effective filtration.  These filters are engineered with multiple layers of filtration media, including a high-flowing synthetic fiber layer that captures even the smallest particles, while allowing for maximum airflow to the engine. The ARM Dry Filters help to ensure that your engine has the most airflow available while being protected from harmful contaminants. The total surface area of the ARM N63TU3 Air Filters is 145 cu. in. each, making the total combined surface area of both filters 290 cu. in.

N63B N63TU3 Intake
The ARM N63TU3 Intake is designed to keep the filters as far away from engine heat as possible. The filters are positioned at the front of the engine bay, where it can take advantage of the fresh air that is directed into the engine compartment from the OEM air ducts just below where they are positioned.

N63B N63TU3 Intake


• 2x Silicone Couplers
• 2x Dry Air Filters
• 2x Aluminum Joiners
• 4x T-Bolt Clamps
• 2x Worm Clamps



The ARM N63TU3 Intake will fit the models listed below with the N63TU3 (N63B) engine.  Your engine should look like the image below.  If it doesn't please check out our "WHAT TYPE OF N63 DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR BMW?" blog post to see which version you have. 

N63B/N63TU3 Intake 
If you are looking for the original N63/N63TU or N63TUR/N63TU2 upgraded intake systems you can find them at the links below:


Make Chassis Model Engine
N63B/TU3 4.4L
BMW G30 M550i xDrive N63B/TU3 4.4L
850i / xDrive
N63B/TU3 4.4L
850i / xDrive
N63B/TU3 4.4L
850i / xDrive N63B/TU3 4.4L
BMW G11 750i / xDrive N63B/TU3 4.4L
BMW G12 750i / xDrive N63B/TU3 4.4L


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.

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